Social Media Marketing Works.
(...after all, it’s what got you here.)

Social Media Marketing is the present of advertising as we know it. The proof is in the fact you’re reading this right now, thanks to the advertising that I targeted you.

This virus is scaring a lot of business owners and managers, and why not take advantage of bringing more customers to trough social media.

Yes, a lot of people think by just put some content in your Instagram account, the clients will show up instantly. Or even worse, by pressing the promote button in your Instagram (sometimes works, but most of the time waste your money)

But imagine if you have access to a deep audience, like targeting people who live or visiting 2 miles from your address, and love asian food and buy groceries at Whole Foods? It would be amazing, isn’t it?

So, here is
⚠ ATTENTION RESTAURANT OWNERS (It works with all kind of delivery services)

This is the best time to deliver food and your products, as you know. And a lot of restaurants and businesses can be doing the same.

And here is the catch:

A lot of people will do it by themselves but will waste a lot of time and money doing what is not your best skill. Oh, I’ll do some ads and done! But… You know, most of the time won’t happen.

Here is a unique chance:

Hassle-free, to focus on your food and your customers
I can help you target your customer’s hunger!

You just need to fill the form below to see if your business is qualified and get your chance.

(This is not an automated service, so I have few spots to do it)

PS: I know your time is valuable, so DON’T fills this form if:

– Not open-minded to different advertising
– Don’t have a delivery service (can be Uber eats, Postmates, Doordash, Self-Delivery, etc…)
– Don’t have at least $10-15/ day to invest
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